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Tree Company in Danbury, CT

Experienced Tree Care in Danbury, CT. Malverde Tree Service delivers professional and reliable tree services to enhance your landscape.

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Fredy and his team were super professional with the pruning and cleaning of tree branches and as a bonus they also cleaned all the leaves. I will be a repeated annual customer and would recommend this team to friends and neighbors. Great job team!

Ray Calisi

We had over 70 foot trees completely removed quickly and carefully. The trees were very close to the house and Malverde removed them with care. They did an expert job at trimming and tree removal and will absolutely hire them again. Would highly recommend.

Megan Connolly
Fairfield County, CT Tree Removal

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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tree Company in Danbury, CT

Ridgefield,CT Tree Service

Professional Expertise and Safety

In Danbury, CT, the well-being of your trees and property safety are paramount. That’s where Malverde Tree Service steps in. We’re not just a tree company but a team of skilled arborists specializing in various tree species found throughout Fairfield County. Our expertise ensures that your trees get what they need, whether pruning, disease treatment, or general maintenance. We understand the local climate and soil conditions, allowing us to provide care perfectly tailored to your trees’ needs.

Moreover, safety is a crucial aspect of our services. Trees can be unpredictable, and handling them requires skill, equipment, and techniques. Our professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and are trained in the latest safety protocols. This meticulous approach minimizes risks, protecting both your property and our team. With Malverde Tree Service, you’re choosing a company that places your safety and the health of your trees above all else. Call 914-334-5711 now!

Customer Satisfaction

At Malverde Tree Service, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our team in Danbury, CT, is dedicated to delivering exceptional service every time.

Eco-Friendly Practices

We use sustainable methods and materials to ensure our tree services are as environmentally friendly as possible, reflecting our commitment to Fairfield County's natural beauty.

Licensed and Insured

Your peace of mind is important. That's why Malverde Tree Service is a fully licensed and insured tree company, providing reliable and professional services in Danbury, CT.

Stamford, CT Tree Service

Customized Tree Care Solutions

At Malverde Tree Service, we believe in a personalized approach to tree care. Every tree in Fairfield County has its own story – its type, age, and condition. We take the time to understand these factors and create a care plan that suits each tree’s specific needs. This includes targeted pruning, disease management, or advice on watering and feeding your trees. We aim to ensure that every tree we care for is as healthy and vibrant as possible.

Our services extend beyond just maintaining the health of your trees. We also focus on how they fit into your landscape in Danbury, CT. Our team works with you to understand your vision for your property, offering suggestions and solutions that enhance your outdoor space’s beauty and functionality. Whether you want to create a serene retreat or a vibrant area for entertaining, our tree care solutions are designed to help you achieve your goals.

Fairfield County, CT Tree Service

Enhancing Your Landscape and Property Value

Trees are more than natural decorations; they’re vital to your property’s ecosystem and play a significant role in its overall value. That’s a responsibility we take seriously at Malverde Tree Service. Our tree care services in Danbury, CT, are crafted to maximize your trees’ health and aesthetic appeal. Healthy trees look better and contribute to a healthier environment, providing clean air and a habitat for wildlife. By maintaining your trees, you’re enhancing your property’s appearance and contributing to the wider ecosystem in Fairfield County.

But the benefits continue beyond there. Well-maintained trees can significantly increase your property’s market value. They create an inviting atmosphere, making your property attractive to potential buyers or renters. Our team is committed to helping you make the most of this asset. Whether you’re planning to sell your property or simply want to enjoy a more beautiful living space, investing in professional tree care with Malverde Tree Service is a decision that pays dividends both aesthetically and financially.

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Danbury was settled by colonists in 1685, when eight families moved from what are now Norwalk and Stamford, Connecticut. The Danbury area was then called Pahquioque by its namesake, the Algonquian-speaking Pahquioque Native Americans (they are believed to have been a band of the Paugusset people), who occupied lands along the Still River. Bands were often identified by such geographic designation but they were associated with the larger nation by culture and language).

One of the original settlers in Danbury was Samuel Benedict, who bought land from the Paquioque in 1685, along with his brother James Benedict, James Beebe, and Judah Gregory. This area was also called Paquiack (“open plain” or “cleared land”) by the Paquioque. In recognition of the wetlands, the settlers chose the name Swampfield for their town. In October 1687, the general court decreed the name Danbury. The general court appointed a committee to lay out the new town’s boundaries. A survey was made in 1693, and a formal town patent was granted in 1702.

During the Revolutionary War, Danbury was an important military supply depot for the Continental Army. Sybil Ludington, 16-year-old daughter of American Colonel Henry Ludington, is said to have made a 40-mile ride in the early hours of the night on April 26, 1777, to warn the people of Danbury and her father’s forces in Putnam County, New York, of the approach of British regulars, helping them muster in defense; these accounts, originating from the Ludington family, are questioned by modern scholars.

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